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About International Enterprises

See The difference…

InternationalInteriorINTERNATIONAL ENTERPRISES, INC. offers 25 years of liquidation experience acting as a one of North America’s proven providers of inventory management services. Our experience and track record of success demonstrates a clear understanding of the liquidation marketplace and the ability to provide quality customer service.

INTERNATIONAL ENTERPRISES, INC. has built one of the largest privately owned inventory management companies in the United States specializing in direct to retail sales of salvage, customer return, overstock and marked-out-of stock (“MOS”) inventories. International Enterprises currently works with many national and multi-national retailers and manufacturers.

Difference #1We Own What We Sale: We are not a broker – we purchase, warehouse and redistribute inventories to numerous national and regional 2nd and 3rd tier retailers. Our clients are provided with guaranteed delivery of goods. We also offer delivered pricing.

Difference #2Financial Strength: We are well capitalized which provides an extremely large inventory capacity and routinely handle multi-million dollar deals. Our clients receive the benefits of power buying to achieve maximum resale profits.

Difference #3Contract Liquidator: We are the contract liquidator for certain retailers and manufacturers. Our clients receive the benefits of reliable supply and product continuity.

We would like to assist you in growing your business by providing a financially reliable opportunity to procure or dispose of liquidation inventories. We are confident that we can design a solution for your inventory needs that is cost effective and operationally efficient. We recognize that business success involves building a long term relationship with our clients.